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About PhotoFax

PhotoFax Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in Surveillance, Compliance, and Investigative Services.  Our highly reliable solutions create a formidable first line of defense in Workers Compensation, Liability, and Long Term Disability claims.  We provide a complete line of fraud detection services that save our clients MILLIONS of dollars each year. 

Since 1988 PhotoFax has provided private investigation services throughout the continental United States.  Ninety-Five percent of our clients are insurance carriers, third party administrators, and large self-insured companies who retain our services to detect insurance fraud through the use of video surveillance and special investigations.  American businesses today face a tremendous amount of risk in the form of long-term malingering and insurance fraud.  PhotoFax is there to assist in helping these businesses "build a wall of defense".

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  • National Coverage
  • High-speed response time
  • Full-time PhotoFax employees / No subcontractors
  • Ability to think "Outside the Box"
  • Highly sophisticated surveillance, vehicles, and equipment
  • Unique surveillance protocol which produces significantly higher results
  • Extremely competitive FLAT-RATE pricing
  • Professional / Corporate atmosphere
  • Web-based Client Portal - SurvTrac

The exclusive use of PhotoFax, helped me to attain a significant reduction in our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) from 1.1 to an unbelievable .54          
- Matt McKeon, Director of Safety  

When I hear a case with widely divergent doctors’ opinions, I must consider all of the evidence put before me.  Surveillance is one of those aspects I have to consider when rendering my opinion.

- Michael Blackmur, Former Arbitrator

Video doesn’t lie..., and with PhotoFax, I can positively confirm what physical limitations my claimants DO and DO NOT have.
- Linda McCarthy, Sr. Claim Rep

More Than 24 Years of Success

The PhotoFax name means   a commitment to quality.   Our mission is to create customers for life.  This guarantees that we will provide first class treatment from the moment our customer assigns a file.  We will provide high-quality information with a quick turnaround time.  PhotoFax  will always maintain a "customer comes first" focus.